Best American Essays Of The Century

Most of the writing, to be honest, was disappointingly weak. If these truly are the best essays that America produced in the last year, we're in trouble. I expect beautiful writing in these collections, such as Solnit or Purpura or even Dillard. I expect meditative writing, deep dives on insight and thought, and a valuation of language. Instead, this collection veers to the confessional, the sloppy confessional, without the art or lyricism in words. "Thin Places" is possibly the best example of this--something with great potential, but gets mired in the author's soppy wrangling.

The Best American Essays of the Century by Oates, …

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The best American essays 2015 / Compiles the best literary essays of the year 2014 which were originally published in American periodicals.

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