sunlight is absorbed by chlorophyll in a leaf B

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carbon dioxide is taken in from the air C

A great number of international organizations have been created to protect, animals and plants, especially rain-forests of South America which are intensively destroyed now. Unfortunately, international ecological organizations are not effective enough, that is why people should solve this important problem themselves. Writing an essay on photosynthesis a student should devote much time to the research of the problem to realize the nature of the process. A well-composed short or 5-paragraph essay should be informative, interesting, possess logical structure and persuade the reader in the importance of your thoughts, because an essay is not a strict research of the topic but the presentation of your personal opinion about it, your reflections based on the investigation on the topic. An essay should be a bit emotional to attract the reader’s attention and make the narration interesting.

water is transported from the roots D

This Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Exam has 40 multiple choice, completion, short answer and essay questions on the topics of: Energy in …