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Libya has number of recognised private education institutions and universities, approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, ranked and qualified to specialise in academic programs in Business Administration, Computer Science, Law, Medicine and Humanitarian. These institutions include:

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As of 2010 Japan had 597 private universities, while there are 86 and 95 . Private universities thus account for about ¾ of all universities in Japan. Many, but not all, junior colleges in Japan are private. Like public and national universities, many private universities use as an .

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Private schools do not receive public funding from the state as do public universities. As a result, private university tuition can be twice as much or more than at a public university, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Campus housing may be limited or nonexistent, increasing the costs of attendance further. Private schools offset those costs by offering generous financial aid packages and scholarships that aren’t tied to financial need.