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Weaknesses in SWOT analysis of Pizza hut – Major weakness of pizza hut is that while maintaining its , pizza hut is losing the turnover that it can generate by being present in B grade towns. If not the fast food chain, than at least Pizza hut delivery, which is pizza huts home delivery franchise should be present in such places. This will ensure that Pizza hut has a high turnover and at the same time it is present far and wide. Another weakness of Pizza hut is that the taste of their pizzas is there since ages and customers recent polls have shown that customers are not satisfied with the same old pizza taste and there is more interest in wider range of pizzas. Thus pizza hut to keep inventing.

SWOT analysis of Pizza Hut - UK Essays
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Threats in SWOT analysis of Pizza hut – Dominos is a single major threat to pizza hut when concerned with pizza or Italian food. Dominos does not have a high quality food variety like pizza hut but Dominos is present in most places where Pizza hut is not. Another threat is the wide options of cuisines which a customer has available today through various food franchisee. McDonald and others are indirect competitors who take away customers regularly from pizza hut. Rising health concern and people being more fitness concerned might also cause a drop in pizza consumption.