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Clerke, Agnes Mary – (1842 – 1907)
Irish scientist and astronomer
Agnes Clerke was born in County Cork, the daughter of John William Clerke, bank manager, and the younger sister of the journalist and novelist Ellen Mary Clerke. Agnes resided in Italy (1870 – 1877) and began writing for the Edinburgh Review (1877) besides submitting articles for the Encyclopedia Britannica and the Dictionary of National Biography. She made astronomical observations at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope (1888) and travelled by yacht to Copenhagen, Stockholm and St Petersburg (1890). Clerke was awarded the Acton Prize for her research in astronomy (1893), and wrote the Hodgkins essay on Low Temperature Research at the Royal Institution (1901). Her written works include A Popular History of Astronomy during the Nineteenth Century (1885), The Systems of the Stars (1890), and The Herschells and Modern Astronomy (1895). She co-wrote Astronomy, the Concise Knowledge Series (1898), and Problems in Astrophysics (1903), the year she was made an honorary member of the Royal astronomical Society, and Modern Cosmogonies (1906). Educated in the classics by her father, she had always retained an interest in this field, and produced Familiar Studies in Homer (1892).

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was described later in the Medical Essays and Observations published by the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1731.