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The Sustainability Index is a tool Walmart uses with suppliers in more than 700 categories in the US (where more than 2/3 of our volume base is represented; we are piloting the Index in other markets). It enables suppliers to measure and communicate progress on critical sustainability issues, and is a valuable tool to drive continuous improvement and identify the need for targeted projects to accelerate progress. The Index includes questions regarding environmental and social issues in the palm oil chain, such as deforestation and forced labor. For more information on the Sustainability Index, please see .

We did not find any weaknesses in Wal-Mart's computer information systems.

Finally, the last critical success factor is market share with a rating of 0.05. Wal-Mart and Target are both ranked 3 while Kmart is ranked 1. This is about right because as indicated by the total weighted score, Kmart is the weakest with 2.55. Target's total weighted score was in between but closer to Wal-Mart's score of 3.15, and Wal-Mart's was the strongest weighted score as 3.50.

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Hell” you don’t have to go to WalMart to see people dress up like this !!!!!!

This is a very good strategy for Wal-Mart, and it shows because this is one of their primary strategies that they are currently using. They are following their commitment to expansion by adding additional stores every year and are adding to the economy of the United States by employing hundreds of thousands of Americans. The only negative aspect of Wal-Mart's strategy is that they are inadvertently taking jobs away at the same time. When Wal-Mart moves into a new area, the local shops and stores are generally "forced" out of business because of the superior pricing ability that Wal-Mart has.