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Homage to Aleister Crowley - occultist, artist,
poet and novelist renouned for his essay on
Absinthe - The Green Goddess. This limited
edition absinthe was distilled in 2011 and
matured in the barrel for over 3 years after
the addition of aged cognac. A bombastic but
beautifully woody and smoky elixir.
and spoon.

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Now the divine consciousness is not full flowered in youth. Thenewness of the objective world preoccupies the soul for many years. It is onlyas each illusion vanishes before the magic of the master that he gains more andmore the power to dwell in the world of Reality. And with this comes theterrible temptation— the desire to enter and enjoy rather than remainamong men and suffer their illusions. Yet, since the sole purpose of theincarnation of such a Master was to help humanity, they must make the supremerenunciation. It is the problem of the dreadful bridge of Islam, — the razor-edge will cut the unwary foot, yet it must betrodden firmly, or the traveler will fall to the abyss. I dare not sit in theOld Absinthe House forever, wrapped in the ineffable delight of the BeatificVision. I must write this essay, that men may thereby come at last tounderstand true things. But the operation of the creative godhead is notenough. Art is itself too near the reality which must be renounced for aseason.

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Absinthe #17 features the Bulgarian writers Georgi Gospodinov, Milen Ruskov, Emilia Dvoryanova, Vladislav Todorov, Krassimir Damianov, Kristin Dimitrova, Virginia Zaharieva, Vladimir Zarev, Yanitza Radeva, Ivan Dimitrov, Theodora Dimova, Zdravka Evtimova, Dimiter Kenarov, Maria Doneva, Niki Boikov, Stefan Ivanov, along with an 8-page portfolio of art by Stela Vasileva and Pravdoliub Ivanov, an essay on translation by Hristina Keranova, and reviews of recent Bulgarian films and books.